Food Blogging Course

Everything you need to know about Creating, Writing, Enhancing and Promoting a Food Blog.

This eight week seminar draws on some of the finest food blogging minds at work today to deliver an in-depth lecture series and workshop that will supply the tools for both established and aspiring food bloggers to build lively, high quality platforms for their work.

The seminar is divided into three sessions — The Written Word, The Spoken & Visual Word and Getting The Word Out — that cover writing, podcasting, digital photography, video blogging and using social media.

The conference call Workshops and Webinars meet on Monday evenings from 8-9:30 pm  EST  beginning October 24, 2011

Food Blog U Lecture Series

Session One: The Written Word 
Week 1. Blogs that Sizzle— Molly O’Neill interviews Tanya Steel, (Epicurious and GourmetLIVE) and Molly Wizenberg (Orangette) about what makes a must-read blog post.  Lecture is available October 19 and thereafter.

Week 2. How I Found My Voice— Shauna Ahern (Gluten-Free Girl) and Elise Bauers (Simply Recipes) discuss their internet journeys and the evolution of their distinct voices and unique perspectives online. Lecture is available October 26 and thereafter.

Week 3. Elements of Style — New outlets allow and even mandate new writing forms. What forms are emerging from internet writing? Are there particular techniques that cause writing to shine on the internet? In an interview with Pete Wells, Molly O’Neill (One Big Table) discovers how blogging is changing both the look and rhythm of the written word, altering the contract between the writer and the reader and perhaps even creating a new set of ethics and bet practices. Lecture is available November 2 and thereafter.

Food Blog WRITING WORKSHOP meets via conference call from 8 – 9:30 pm EST on October 24, 31 and November 7.

Session Two: The Visual & Spoken Word
Week 4. The Spoken Word: Creating Must Hear Podcasts. Interview with Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, NPR’s Kitchen Sisters’. Lecture is available November 9 and thereafter.

Week 5. The Digital Image: Using photography to enhance your blog. Interviews with Helene Dujardin (Tartelette), Aran Goyoaga (Canelle et Vanille) and others. Interviews are available November 16 and thereafter.

Week 6. Moving Pictures: Using videography to tell the story. Interviews to be announced.  Interviews are available November 23 and thereafter.

Webinars for THE VISUAL AND THE SPOKEN WORD meet November 21, 28 and December 5 from 8-9:30 pm EST.

Session Three: Getting the Word Out There
Week 7. Using Social Media: Interviews with Marisa Smith (Addiction Media Worldwide) and David Feller (Yummly). Interviews are available November 30 and thereafter.
Week 8. E-Haiku: How to Tweet. Advice from Francis Lam (GiltTaste),  Ruth Reichl and others. Interviews are available December 7 and thereafter.

Webinars for GETTING THE WORD OUT meet December 5 and December 12 from 8-9:30 pm EST.

The complete 8-week Lecture Series and Workshop Course costs $600 and is limited to twenty participants.

The cost of the interview series only is $300.

Individual lectures and interviews are available for $50.

Spaces are limited and classes begin October 19th. Register today to reserve your seat.

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