Food Memoir Course

Taste memory rises from the alligator brain, raw, pre-conscious, deeply personal, close to the bone.  Food preferences, habits and rituals are also intimate windows into disparate cultures, classes, eras and places. Today, as the once-dominant culture and its traditional narrators give way to a multicultural world with new, unpredictable and constantly shifting media, it is probably no coincidence that memoir has become the new first novel or that food has replaced sex, drugs & rock-n-roll as the métier for both coming-of-age stories and personal histories.

This 8-week seminar explores the power of food to unlock memory, bear witness and create both context and voice.

Designed for aspiring memoirists as well as writers interested in deploying elements of memoir in essays and articles, the complete seminar includes ten 45 minute lectures, weekly editing of assigned or ongoing work, 8 conference call workshop sessions and one thirty minute private coaching session.

A new lecture or interview is available as a podcast the Wednesday before each scheduled workshop. Participants can choose from two workshop meeting times, Sunday from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST beginning October 23 or Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m beginning October 25.

This seminar features round table discussions with Robert LeLeux, Molly Birnbaum, Georgia Pellegrini, Suzannah Lessard, Judith Jones and Mimi Sheridan as well as interviews with:

  • Diana Abu-Jaber, novelist and author of the memoir, The Language of Baklava
  • Nora Ephron, journalist, film maker and memoirist whose first novel, Heartburn, set the stage for the national conversation about food, themes that are echoed in her film Julia & Julia as well as in recent memoirs I Hate My Neck and I Remember Nothing
  • Carolyn Forche, a poet, author of Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness, editor of Creative Nonfiction: Instruction and Insights from Teachers of the Associated Writing Programs (Story Press, 2001) and frequent contributor to Saveur Magazine
  • Gael Greene, restaurant critic and author of the acclaimed autobiographical novel Blue Skies No Candy and the memoir, Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess
  • Madhur Jaffrey, the actress, cookbook author and author of the acclaimed memoir Climbing the mango trees; a memoir of a childhood in India
  • Ruth Reichl, author of the memoirs Tender at the Bone, Comfort me with Apples and Garlic and Sapphires
  • Calvin Trillin, essayist, humorist, poet and food writer, whose hungry eye and ceaseless travels around America for The New Yorker Magazine informed personal histories such as American Fried, Alice Lets Eat and Third Helpings,which were recently collected in The Tummy Trilogy
  • Molly Peacock, poet, the co-founder of Poetry in Motion project and editor of the collection of essays by memoirists called Private I: Privacy in a Public World

Full Course: $600

Lecture series: $300

Spaces are limited and classes begin October 19th. Register today to reserve your seat. 

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